Episode 4 – Beware the Witches’ Brew

The Haps

Spring, Yard looks great! (in the front)

Kids want to be when they grow up: Tony: magician, in the army, ninja spy, and ranger.  Flora: police officer, dog trainer, ninja, secret spy, and detective.

20 year high school reunions mean you have one foot in the grave.

Farm/Garden (6:24)

Baseball card holder for seed management

Tomato progress, pictures – last year had mice

Parsley went to seed in the bed

Move Risqué to the North side of the house

Chicken coop we don’t use – we were allergic to eggs (ha.)

Sheep get sheared in a few days!

Witches’ brew

Commercial Break (12:03)

Roberta’s Reused Razors!

Knitting & Crocheting (13:02)

Layering shrug out of Lyon by Lang Yarns progress

Afterthought Sweet Tomato heels

Traveller’s sock


Spinning (16:36)

April spinning

Book Club (18:01)

Next up: A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki

Also, my book club(s) reading lists can be found here

Food & Drink (21:03)

Popcorn and sparkling wine – great!


Coconut Water

Piano practice (22:37)

Beethoven’s 5th


Tucker dog pillow

Sew on labels for knitted garments

Earthship village outside of Taos

Peace to everyone, and be kind to yourself!

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Episode 4 – Beware the Witches’ Brew

One thought on “Episode 4 – Beware the Witches’ Brew

  1. Sherri says:

    Fun podcast, thanks for sharing. I’m in So Cal, but most of my family is just SW of Portland (Sherwood, Tualitan, Canby & Woodburn). I get the SAD stuff 😎


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